Thursday, 24 October 2013

SchoolNet webinar recording from Thursday 24th October 3:30pm 'Take note of’


On Thursday afternoon (24th October) at 3.30pm we held a SchoolNet webinar entitled ‘Take note of’ presented by Fiona Beal. Thank you to all who attended the webinar.

Summary of the webinar
Meeting Name: Take note of
Summary: is a fantastic free tool to use with students (or personally) when summarising an online video. VideoNotes allows you to load any YouTube video on the left side of your screen and on the right side of the screen VideoNotes gives you a notepad to type on. This application works in conjunction with Google Drive so that when the video has been summarised the notes are saved automatically in your online Google Drive. (If you have a gmail address or a Google ID you have Google Drive as well). So join the paperless journey and discover the benefits of using with your students.

Fiona’s presentation is given below via Slideshare and you can download it should you wish to.

Webinar recordingIf you wish to listen to the presentation the recording link can be found at

Lesson ideaSee the next post for a lesson idea for using

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