Monday, 4 November 2013

SchoolNet webinar recording from Thursday 31st October 3:30pm ‘7 more unexpected (and GREAT!) ways to use PowerPoint in your classroom’

On Thursday afternoon (31st October) at 3.30pm we held a SchoolNet webinar entitled ‘7 more unexpected (and GREAT!) ways to use PowerPoint in your classroom’’ presented by Fiona Beal. Thank you to all who attended the webinar.

Summary of the webinarIn this webinar we will look at the very versatile application – PowerPoint – for at least five more great ways on how to use it effectively in your lessons – especially the animation part of PowerPoint. The Internet is a great resource of wonderful ideas. Some of the ideas in this webinar have been shared freely elsewhere and I have just adapted them for my own use in class. How do you use PowerPoint in your lessons?
Presenter: Fiona Beal of SchoolNet

Fiona’s presentation is given below via SlideShare and you can download it should you wish to.

Webinar recordingIf you wish to listen to the presentation the recording link can be found at

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