Thursday, 21 November 2013

SchoolNet webinar recording from Thursday 22 November 3:30pm ‘An introduction to ebooks’ (Malcolm Seegers)


On Thursday afternoon (21 November 2013) at 3.30pm we held a SchoolNet webinar entitled ‘An introduction to e-books’ presented by Malcolm Seegers a digital publisher for a well-known South African publishing group. Thank you to all who attended the webinar.

Summary of the webinar
Malcom says:
"More and more schools are going digital with many of them putting the technology in the hands of the learners. This webinar will discuss the basics of ebooks –how to choose the correct format, what you will need to get them onto devices, what you can do with them and how they enhance the learning experience."

Malcolm’s presentation is given below via SlideShare.

If you missed the webinar you can listen to the recording at this link:

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